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stella ramos, wren jewelry

wren jewelry, created by Stella Ramos, began as an exploration of clay — and how to hang it from the ears. from there, enjoying moving creative energy through the body and using her hands to create art in a way she hadn’t explored before (central creative practices being writing and dancing), Stella found joy and abundance in the creation of earrings and jewelry.

she began by finding pieces of jewelry at Goodwill and Joanns and studying them — taking them apart and putting them back together in numerous ways. coached by seasoned jewelry artist Sue Pess, Stella began understanding how to wrap wire, how to cultivate an ethical and sustainable artisan practice, and the names of jewels.

for her debut collection, NECTAR, stella honed in on the use of pieces derived from the sea — freshwater pearls and sea glass. using chain and “deadsoft” wire (which can be easily manipulated by the hand, leaving each piece unique and imperfect, her preferred method) — NECTAR came to be a play on balance inspired by the colors of the earth. feeling a strong imbalance and distance from the outdoors during the indoor-days of the mandated quarantine in Los Angeles and the world, NECTAR sought to find joy, color, love, and the warmth of hugs from friends she missed. 

each piece is handmade to order by stella, modeled by womxn who inspire her (and she either lives with or are safely available to her given COVID-guidelines)— Sam Pess, Emma Harwood, SaraJoy Salib, Mimi Miyamoto, Spruce Bohen, Holland Dorgan, Molly Ellrodt — creatively directed in collaboration. Logo and promotional advising from her dear friend and budding graphic design mogul Spruce Bohen.

NECTAR came to thrive and induldge. 

image: Stella Ramos wearing her favorite bra + overall combo in the rolling desert hills of her LA backyard, image by Spruce Bohen, not wearing wren jewelry


Stella Ramos is a lesbian, wyandotte, mexican, white, cis-gendered, college educated woman from low-income background. she now resides in los angeles, CA with roots in the Pacific Northwest.

contact/inquiries: stellawrenramos@gmail.com